General Co-Chairs

Enrico Paolini, Univ. of Bologna, Italy

Marco Dalai, Univ. of Brescia, Italy

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Alon Orlitsky, UCSD, USA

Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, Univ. of Milan, Italy

Olgica Milenkovic, UIUC, USA

Finance Chairs

Franco Chiaraluce, Polit. Univ. Marche, Italy

Marco Baldi, Polit. Univ. Marche, Italy

Publicity Chairs

Stefano Rini, NCTU, Taiwan

Publications Chairs

Giuseppe Durisi, Chalmers, Sweden

Luca Barletta, Polit. Milan, Italy

Local Arrangement Chairs

Ferdinando Cicalese, Univ. of Verona, Italy

Sponsor Chairs

Gianluigi Liva, DLR, Germany

Stefano Rini, NCTU, Taiwan

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